August 2-4, 2024

We The Land! A Gathering For Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, SWANA & PoC Earth Workers, Land Stewards & Farmers will take place on August 2nd-4th 2024 at Smith College in Northampton, MA. 

We the Land! is an invitation to join the community for a weekend of knowledge exchange, grassroots organizing, celebration, and ceremony and marks the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust’s first in-person gathering since 2019 and centers the primary intention of our community-led network:

  • To break the isolation of being farmers of color in the Northeast by building relationships of mutual respect and joy, the foundation of community care, and movement work.
  • To share skills, resources, and time with one other in building collaborative projects and initiatives.
  • To coordinate our policy demands and catalyze reparations for Black-Indigenous-POC farmers and land stewards.
  • To collectively envision, enact, and share ways to be in reciprocity with Land, in the process healing generational trauma and redefining the meaning of “farmer” and our care for the land and each other.

Learn more and register here

We the Land! is intended to call in and connect our mycelial network of Indigenous, Black, and Brown land, food, and climate justice activists, as well as healers, makers, and ceremonial holders. We the Land! is rooted in NEFOC’s vision to advance land and food sovereignty in the Northeast region through permanent and secure land tenure for PoC farmers and land stewards in a sacred manner that honors our ancestors’ dreams ~ for regenerative farming, human habitat, ceremony, native species ecosystem restoration, and cultural preservation.