NH Food System Statewide Gathering

NH Food System Statewide Gathering
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Save the Date! The 2023 NH Food System Statewide Gathering will be held on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at The Barn on the Pemi in Plymouth, NH.

The NH Food System Statewide Gathering is an annual event hosted by the NH Food Alliance that brings together individuals, businesses, and organizations from across sectors who are dedicated to growing an improved local food system that works for all in the Granite State: people, businesses, communities, and the environment.


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Sponsoring the NH Food System Statewide Gathering is an opportunity to increase visibility of your organization with food systems’ professionals across New Hampshire and New England while supporting work to build a thriving, fair, and sustainable food system in the Granite State.

Your sponsorship will help the NH Food Alliance showcase the hard work of our partners at this annual gathering and kick start collaboration in the years to come.

Contact Nicole Cardwell at nicole.cardwell@unh.edu with questions. Ready to commit? Sign up as a sponsor now.





The NH Food System Statewide Gathering is a time to celebrate the progress we’ve made and build relationships to continue our work toward building a stronger food system in the Granite State.

The window of time to submit a proposal for a breakout session closed on January 31, 2023. Breakout sessions at this year's Gathering will be 75 minutes each and will likely have between 25 and 50 participants. If you have an idea that we need to hear, reach out to Nicole Cardwell at nicole.cardwell@unh.edu

Learn together. Coordinate a roundtable discussion on a specific topic in a way that provides an interactive learning opportunity.

Facilitate collaboration. Hold space to solve a problem together, explore an idea to work across sectors or organizations, or share a collaborative success and help others replicate it.

Build professional skills. Host or suggest a workshop focused on developing a skill that would strengthen our network of food systems professionals. What skills could you help others strengthen or would you benefit from improving?


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Questions? Email Nicole Cardwell, Program Director for the NH Food Alliance, at nicole.cardwell@unh.edu.