Racial Equity in the Food System

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"Around 20 people celebrated the Salvadoran flag raising in Manchester this Friday. Among them were immigrants from other Latin American countries and... Learn More
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In New Hampshire, the most recent data from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy reveals 29 percent ... Learn More
Aug 12-13, 10AM-4PM
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Researchers from the University of New Hampshire are exploring the connection between access to food and the intake of fish and fiber-rich meals in lo... Learn More
Minority-owned businesses are not necessarily well-known. They are not necessarily plugged into the economic ecosystem in the state. The #SupportMinor... Learn More
Order seeds by April 22!
It's year three of the Abenaki Seeds Project here in the Kearsarge area. We're delighted to continue this partnership with Abenaki Trails and others t... Learn More
Black Heritage Trail Of New Hampshire
Panelists will share stories of upwardly mobile Black communities and how they have recast the borders of white spaces. They will also discuss urban r... Learn More
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Biology shows us that the health of an ecosystem can be measured by its variety of life, or biodiversity. Although modern humans have long sought to e... Learn More
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U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urged the private sector and government officials to address inequity and promote innovation in what he called ... Learn More
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As part of the 2022–23 Northeast Farm to School Institute, SubjectToClimate, Food Connects, and the Shelburne Farms Institute for Sustainable Schools ... Learn More