Food Security & Access

Report via The Journal of American Medical Association Network Open
According to a new study published in The Journal of American Medical Association Network Open, school garden-based interventions can improve blood su... Learn More
Blog Post via ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture Program
A study published by researchers at multiple universities found that community gardens and urban farms positively affect biodiversity, local ecosystem... Learn More
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THE DAILY GOOD aims to make a difference in the Keene region by focusing on Diversity and Inclusion, Food Security, Health and Well-being, and Literac... Learn More
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Three years ago MWVEG formed a local food access fund, Food For All. With rising costs of energy and food, and all other aspects of living for that m... Learn More
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That extra aid for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ends this month for the state’s nearly 72,600 food stamp recipients, as they continue... Learn More
Press Release Via USDA
Proposes gradual, science-based updates to school nutrition standards; invests in small and rural schools Learn More
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When Tuckaway Tavern first opened its doors in 2012, it was with a commitment to give back to the community. Learn More
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As part of Gather's mission, we strive to take a leadership role in the community, a philosophy that leads us to work closely with other local nonprof... Learn More
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When Gather opened its café to students at Great Bay Community College in August, it was with the goal of helping students get nutritious food at an a... Learn More
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Michelle LeMay always dreamed of starting a charitable organization to help others. It’s a value she is passing on to her four children. Learn More