UNH Student Resources for Network Partners

UNH Student Resources for Network Partners
Students on a farm field trip


The University of New Hampshire offers a wide variety of opportunities for businesses and organizations to connect with passionate students. The resources below are great ways to strengthen your business’s or organization’s work while supporting the next generation of food system professionals and advocates. All of the resources are organized by the amount of time you can expect to engage with a student: short term, long term, and ways to get connected and network with them.

As a program of the Sustainability Institute at UNH, the NH Food Alliance serves a connector for our network partners to utilize these resources. Each program below has a contact person, but if you have general questions, feel free to reach out to the NH Food Alliance staff directly.

Staff a UNH Student from One Hour to One Semester

The below programs connect you with current students for project-based jobs, semester-long internships, volunteer needs, and other short term opportunties.

  • Find Volunteers through UNH Serves
  • Small Family Community Fellowship
  • B Impact Clinic
  • ECenter Student Internship
  • Sustainability Fellowship



Hire Passionate UNH Students After Graduation

For students approaching graduation, there are a few ways to connect with eager candidates interested in food systems work. 

  • Department of Career and Professional Success
  • St. Martin Career Exploration Office



Connect: Build Relationships with Food System Students at UNH

There are various food and agriculture related schools, colleges, and student groups that are perfect ways to connect with students who are actively learning and participating in food system related work and topics. 

  • Colleges & Schools
  • Student Groups