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The USDA Organic Integrity Learning Center provides free, on demand, online training to support the professional development and continuing education of people working to protect organic integrity. The National Organic Program (NOP) recently published a new Climate-Smart Agriculture microlearning. It is intended for farmers and other operators who are interested in implementing organic practices that align with climate-smart outcomes. It describes funding and technical assistance to help them implement climate-smart practices that align with the USDA organic regulations. The microlearning presents an NOP Climate-Smart Agriculture Crosswalk, which highlights climate-smart outcomes from organic farming and ranching practices. Specifically, the crosswalk explains how organic farming practices sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on scientific research. As part of USDA’s larger Climate Solutions portfolio, the National Organic Program developed the NOP Climate-Smart Agriculture Crosswalk to explain the environmental benefits of using organic farming practices. Access NOP-997: National Organic Program Microlearning to learn more.

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