Article via WMUR

"There are now 28 food pantries located inside schools in New Hampshire, allowing children to focus more on learning and worry less about where their next meal will come from.

School officials said 8.5% of all children in New Hampshire are food insecure. The newest food pantry was just launched at the Merrimack Valley Learning Center in Penacook.

"Just that access to food, it's heartwarming to think about kids being fed," said Randy Wormald, superintendent of the Merrimack Valley School District.

This pantry is the evolution of a tremendous effort at the school for years. Teachers and staff members have been spending their own money to buy food for students in need and storing it in closets. They now have an actual pantry, complete with new equipment.

"So, in the small town of Penacook, we are looking at between 100 and 140 families that we will be able to feed throughout the year," said Principal Ken Fuller.

School officials said the small pantry will have a huge impact on families in Penacook."

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