Article via NH Public Radio

"On a crisp autumn morning earlier this week, around 40 volunteers walked through crops of bountiful apple trees at Kimball Fruit Farms, located at the New Hampshire–Massachusetts border. They gathered to glean, which means picking up leftover produce to share with people in need.

Paula Moran handed them boxes, as she advised picking the fruit from the tree — and not from the ground.

Moran is part of the board of directors of United Way of Greater Nashua, which serves underprivileged families, seniors, children and immigrants. She especially loves when volunteers sign up for the gleaning season. She said manual labor keeps people grounded and humble.

“There are people who do this every single day for their livelihood,” she said. “If you come out and you volunteer one day a year, big deal, but at least it gives you an appreciation of how hard people work.”

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