Article via Granite State News Collaborative

"Along the shores at Odiorne State Park, sparkling tide pools and gray boulders provide the perfect environment for Gabby Bradt, a marine biologist and fisheries specialist at the New Hampshire Sea Grant, to forage for  yellow-green tendrils of Rockweed, a seaweed also known as Bladderwrack.


Since 2015 Bradt has led New Hampshire Sea Grant’s “Seaweed Mania” Spring workshops, teaching individuals how to harvest and prepare seaweed in her quest to open people’s minds to the plant’s potential.


Bradt is a key player in efforts by the New Hampshire Sea Grant to expand the public’s understanding of the roles seaweed can play in our lives, as seafood production declines due to climate change.


“Part of what I have been doing is trying to teach people that seafood and seaweed, it's not scary,” Bradt said. “The other aspect of it is going out in the field and learning to identify the, you know, 10, edible seaweeds that you can find on the coast of New England or New Hampshire, and sort of teaching them how to forage sustainably and all the rules and regulations that go with it.”  "

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