Toolkit via Feed Kearsarge

The FEED Kearsarge partners is working to support Food Education, Expansion, and Distribution in their area, are really excited to share the Victory Garden Toolkit!

The toolkit is a collection of resources that we’ve discovered or co-created with the FEED K. partners over the past 3+ years of working to grow more gardens in the Kearsarge region of central New Hampshire.

The toolkit is designed to support both community garden sites and home gardens. In it you will find:

  • An overview of what Victory Gardens are;
  • Information on how to start your garden, including garden design and an overview of the Tray it Forward program;
  • Information on how to keep the garden going including how to videos and special garden guides;
  • An honest evaluation of what works and what we’re still figuring out about the process of growing more gardens including case studies;
  • Information about all the partners involved.


They hope this toolkit is a helpful resource for anyone interested in gardening or being more involved in the process of growing food in community.

Please enjoy and share widely.

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