Blog post via Littleton Food Co-op

"I have a confession to make. Sometimes, in the course of my week, I make too much food. Sound like a good problem to have? Well, it seems to be alarmingly common in our affluent country. My excuse is that I develop recipes for a living, so I test recipes even when I already have food to eat. My family, friends and neighbors all benefit from my overproduction, but more often than I would like, things go to waste. That half a jar of tomatoes for the pizza I made a couple of weeks ago got ignored when I moved on to testing dessert recipes. Then, we meant to finish all that cake, but by the time we realized that we couldn’t eat another bite, it was stale.

I feel terrible about it, every time, and resolve to do better. This year, for Earth Day, I’m going to do my small part to cut back on waste." Read more