NH Association of Conservation Commissions Conservation News, August 2022

Learn more about the NH Association of Conservation Commissions's conservation efforts in August 2022.

The Concord  Conservation Commission plans to preserve Potter Farm through a partnership with Five Rivers Conservation Trust and via grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Merrimack Conservation partnership, and the state of New Hampshire moose plate grant program. The northern section of the property is forested and used for maple sugaring and timber; the other 27 acres, which abuts Turtle Pond, are open fields and land used to grow vegetables and produce. Read more

The Newton Conservation Commission restores wildlife habitat at Busch Farm. Under the care of the Newton Conservation Commission, this property is now undergoing a much-needed rehab to enhance its value as a wildlife sanctuary as well as a place for recreation. With the help of volunteers from the community, a multi-pronged improvement is underway. Read more

The Hampton Conservation Commission publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep the public informed of commission programs and events. The online newsletter also provides helpful information to landowners on land management, stewardship, and how to protect natural resources. Read more