NESAWG's Farm Bill Survey & Policy Organizing

NESAWG is assessing how we can best support regional Farm Bill policy coordination across our region. To that end, we have created a policy survey for organizations working within NESAWG’s geographic region to collect information on policy priorities, needs, and relationships that we can leverage for greater alignment during the 2023 Farm Bill cycle. 

If you are an organization who engages or would like to engage in Farm Bill advocacy, please fill the survey

The information gained from this Farm Bill Organizing Survey will be used to share and clarify our diverse priorities for the Farm Bill, powermap and coordinate around reaching Farm Bill targets in the region, and ensure that we are supporting, or at the very least not undercutting, each others’ work. Like all of NESAWG’s projects and initiatives, we are centering this work around our racial, social, and all other forms of justice, and assuming adherence to our community agreements and shared assumptions by all who choose to participate. We plan to use this survey as a temperature check over the next few weeks, and then bring it together into programming at the NESAWG conference and remotely this fall/winter and into early 2023.