Laura Brown of Little Bay's Foxpoint Oysters shares her experience as a farmer and business owner during the pandemic

Featured as our 2021 NH Food System Statewide Gathering keynote speaker, Laura Brown, owner of Foxpoint Oysters in Little Bay and Dover, New Hampshire, shared her story of resilience as an oyster farmer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her presentation kicked off a gathering where attendees came together to network around the theme "Harvesting the Momentum: the Power of Local in Building a Reliable Food System." Watch Brown's full story and read more about her work below. And check out the Foxpoint Oysters  website and social media, @foxpointoysters, for the updates on her farming and harvest.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Laura Brown, owner and operator of Fox Point Oysters, left home to pursue a life in the arts. After earning a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Brown traveled the country, studying art and creating sculpture for gallery shows and commissions. For years, she immersed myself in the fast-paced, artist’s lifestyle, while falling in love with teaching. But as time passed, Brown missed the East Coast and her family and found herself looking for a healthier lifestyle. ​Her sister, a marine biologist, brought up the idea of oyster farming and offered to help Brown start. It began with a small batch of oysters in 2011. Brown learned how to care for the oysters and how to work in with them in the bay, her first harvest ready to sell in 2015. She grew to love her new life; being outdoors, surrounded by the water and raising an organic, sustainable, and healthy food.​ Brown continually modifies her farming practices and oyster care to raise the healthiest and most delicious oysters possible, looking forward to the start of each season so she can get back in the water.