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In 2015, the NH Food Alliance published the Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability Initiative (Viability Initiative), which acts as a guide for our collective work. The Viability Initiative outlines challenges and opportunities for farmers, fishermen, and food entrepreneurs, while also describing how the NH Food Alliance collaborates within a network structure to support food enterprises and promote a growing, healthy food system. When we strengthen food enterprises—the entrepreneurial backbone of the food system—everyone wins.



NH Food Hub Network

The NH Food Hub Network is a statewide network of food hubs working to improve the local food economy through increased sales, aggregation, and distribution of locally grown farm products.

Launched in 2020 in partnership with the Kearsarge Food Hub, the network is currently housed within the NH Food Alliance. Want to learn more or get involved? Contact Katelyn Porter and visit the NH Food Hub Network page.

Network News about Farm, Fish and Food Businesses

April 18-19 + 27-28, 2023
Since 2015, the biennial Northeast Farm to Institution Summit has convened thousands of stakeholders working to create just and sustainable food syste... Learn More
Oct 11, Oct 13, Nov 2, Dec 13, Jan 10, Jan 12, Jan 26, Jan 31, Feb 28
Explore workshops and webinars on numerous topics, including business management, labor, market strategy, land leasing, law, food safety, and wholesal... Learn More
Join the CSA Innovation Network, farmers, and farmer support organizations across the country from February 20-26th Learn More

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Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability Initiative

Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability in New Hampshire: An initiative of the New Hampshire Food Alliance was created to provide a common focus and agenda for the collaborative work of the NH Food Alliance. The common thread emerging from this work: thriving local businesses are at the heart of our food system and can create cascading benefits for us all. The Viability Initiative outlines challenges and opportunities for farmers, fishermen, and food entrepreneurs, and describes how the NH Food Alliance will collaborate within a network structure to support food enterprises and promote a growing, healthy food system that benefits all residents in New Hampshire.
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NH Food Hub Network Business Model Report

A report in the business model, MOU, and supply chains for the active food hubs in NH.
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New Hampshire Farm, Fish, & Food Economy

An outline of gains the state of New Hampshire could make by strengthening its community-based food system.
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Ensure New Hampshire Maintains a Resilient Fishing and Seafood Industry as Environmental and Economic Climates Change

Constantly changing regulations, environmental dynamics, as well as fleet consolidation and “greying of the fleet” threaten the very existence of New Hampshire's commercial fishing industry and the businesses and communities that depend on it. Ensuring a resilient fishing and seafood industry requires the New Hampshire fishing community to weather unpredictable shifts in social, economic, and environmental conditions, including but not limited to ensuring all New Hampshire residents have access to diverse and local seafood and securing the long-term viability of New Hampshire’s fisheries industry.
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New Hampshire Farm Products Map
UNH Extension

Connecting farmers directly with consumers allows for curbside pick-ups or delivery methods that maintain physical distancing, while providing local, nutritious food to New Hampshire communities. In addition to food essentials like meat, produce and dairy, farmers can list other offerings like cut flowers, hay, compost, seedlings, soap, candles and more. Extension’s online map includes farm locations and contact information, farm-preferred methods for relaying product, marketing updates to the public (websites and social media accounts), payment options, alternative purchasing locations, purchasing incentives/food access programs (such as SNAP, senior discounts or veteran discounts) and product category listings. ACCESS THE MAP