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In 2015, the NH Food Alliance published the Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability Initiative (Viability Initiative), which acts as a guide for our collective work. The Viability Initiative outlines challenges and opportunities for farmers, fishermen, and food entrepreneurs, while also describing how the NH Food Alliance collaborates within a network structure to support food enterprises and promote a growing, healthy food system. When we strengthen food enterprises—the entrepreneurial backbone of the food system—everyone wins.




With the support of a USDA specialty crop block grant, five food hubs are working to build a statewide network to improve the local food economy through increased sales, aggregation, and distribution of locally grown farm products. Want to learn more or get involved? Contact Jessica Gorhan and visit our Market Development Action Team page.

New Hampshire's Food Hub Network




The Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons is organized and shall be operated exclusively for the purpose of holding title to property, collectin... Learn More
The best way SAMM’s champion, Celeste Gingrass could support local farmers was by beginning New Hampshire’s very first mobile market. Learn More

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Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability Initiative

Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability in New Hampshire: An initiative of the New Hampshire Food Alliance was created to provide a common focus and agenda for the collaborative work of the NH Food Alliance. The common thread emerging from this work: thriving local businesses are at the heart of our food system and can create cascading benefits for us all. The Viability Initiative outlines challenges and opportunities for farmers, fishermen, and food entrepreneurs, and describes how the NH Food Alliance will collaborate within a network structure to support food enterprises and promote a growing, healthy food system that benefits all residents in New Hampshire.
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NH Food Hub Network Business Model Report

A report in the business model, MOU, and supply chains for the active food hubs in NH.
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New Hampshire Farm, Fish, & Food Economy

An outline of gains the state of New Hampshire could make by strengthening its community-based food system.
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Ensure New Hampshire Maintains a Resilient Fishing and Seafood Industry as Environmental and Economic Climates Change

Constantly changing regulations, environmental dynamics, as well as fleet consolidation and “greying of the fleet” threaten the very existence of New Hampshire's commercial fishing industry and the businesses and communities that depend on it. Ensuring a resilient fishing and seafood industry requires the New Hampshire fishing community to weather unpredictable shifts in social, economic, and environmental conditions, including but not limited to ensuring all New Hampshire residents have access to diverse and local seafood and securing the long-term viability of New Hampshire’s fisheries industry.
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