NH Food Hub Network

NH Food Hub Network
Fresh Start Farms Food Hub in Manchester, New Hampshire
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About Us

We’re a network of local food hubs working together to collaboratively strengthen NH’s local food economy. By unifying our efforts we aim to: trade goods that are unique to each of the hub’s regions; create more sales avenues for farmers, fishermen, and food producers by accessing institutional markets; create communities of best practice for food safety; make more efficient trade routes; share resources; and build trust and communication. The Network launched in 2020 in partnership with the Kearsarge Food Hub and is currently housed within the NH Food Alliance.  

To learn more, reach out to the NH Food Hub Network Coordinator Katelyn Porter at katelyn.porter@unh.edu.

What’s a Food Hub?

Food Hubs come in many unique forms that reflect the needs of the communities they’re in, but at their core are meant to create viable sales outlets for local food producers. The USDA defines a food hub as “a centrally located facility with a business management structure facilitating the aggregation, storage, processing, distributions, and/or marketing of locally/regionally produced food products.”  Learn more about all the different shapes and sizes that NH’s food hubs have taken on in “Meet the Food Hubs” below.

What’s a Food Hub Network?

Food hub networks ensure that food hubs cooperate to grow and accelerate local food procurement possibilities in their region. Just like food hubs perform a service that no one small or mid-sized farm could provide on its own, food hub networks aim to provide a level of organization and services to the participating hubs that benefit them all beyond their individual scope.



Meet the Food Hubs

Lancaster, NH
Taproot is located in Lancaster, representing New Hampshire’s North Country based food hub. Outside of the Taproot Marketplace where they sell northern VT and NH farm fresh foods, they also have a wide breadth of programs involving community gardening, gleaning, education, food processing, food…
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Fremont, NH
Three River Farmers Alliance formed in 2014 and has been growing their reach in the Seacoast area ever since! They deliver local and regional foods to your door- whether you’re a wholesale or institutional purchaser or someone who loves to cook at home.…
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Seabrook, NH
NH Community Seafood organizes a CSF (community supported fishery) and RSF (restaurant supported fishery)  delivering the weekly catch to 20 Pick up locations and several restaurants and retailers around the state. A multi-stakeholder cooperative, NHCS focuses on supporting local fishermen and…
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Bradford, NH
 Kearsarge Food Hub is a non-profit hub that provides vital retail space at Sweet Beet Market & Cafe for hyper-local farms. They also help incubate young farmers, provide educational opportunities, have a working farm of their own, and are a key food access coordinator for their community.…
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Manchester, NH
A project of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success, Fresh Start does remarkable work aiding in the transition of new Americans to build their own farm businesses as well as engaging with community-based projects that help expand access to healthy foods. Visit their new market on Spruce…
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Brattleboro, VT
While Food Connects is located just on the other side of the Connecticut River, Food Connects does a lot of work in the southwest corner of NH to connect both schools and wholesale buyers to food produced in Vermont, Western MA, and NH.…
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Get Connected

Are you interested in joining the NH Food Hub Network? Looking to source local foods for your business, institution, or home? Have questions or resources to share? For these questions and anything else NH Food Hub Network related, please contact the NH Food Hub Network Coordinator, Katelyn Porter, at katelyn.porter@unh.edu.