Katelyn Porter NH Food Hub Network Coordinator

Katelyn Porter

Value Chain Coordinator

During Katelyn’s freshman year at UNH she took Professor John Carroll’s course called “The Real Dirt,” which dispelled the truths of the conventional food system, sparking a passion for food systems change and she hasn’t looked back since. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, she landed in Washington where she helped establish two food hubs outside Seattle. There, she helped develop the Farm to Table Program that grants low-income child care centers access to farm fresh local foods.

Katelyn has spent the last few years on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington where she worked for a Food Coop, helped establish gardens that grow fresh produce for food banks, took a Permaculture Design Course, and managed a small family farm. In early 2021 Katelyn returned to New England to be closer to her roots and to begin Waking Web Farm, a quarter-acre vegetable farm that uses regenerative soil management practices, with a dear friend she met on the UNH Women’s Rowing Team over a decade ago. 

With a focus on farm viability, food access issues, and systems thinking, Katelyn is eager to work with so many great farmers and food hub managers across the state to help create a robust and efficient network of local food producers and distributors.