Respond and Adapt to Climate Change


National and statewide food supply chain disruptions, like those that occurred during  the COVID-19 pandemic, directly impact the local food system. As the pandemic continues and climate impacts increase in scope and scale, we are in a critical time to examine the vulnerabilities of New Hampshire’s food system. By investing in a building a reliable food system, New Hampshire will be prepared for future disruptions to global and regional food supplies, ensuring that our communities are thriving and food secure.  

Current Work
Climate & Food Action Team

The Climate & Action Team, coordinated by the NH Food Alliance, makes connections across organizations, institutions, and initiatives to ensure that food systems are a part of climate-focused activities and climate resilience is part of food system planning, policy, and initiatives. It accomplishes this by bringing together advocates at the intersection of climate resilience, food systems, and emergency planning and policy development. Learn more (and join!) the Climate and Food Action Team here. 



Building a Climate Change Resilient Food System in NH

A policy brief that summarizes the current risks, challenges, and opportunities posed by climate change to the NH food system and argues that now is the time to develop strong networks and policies at the local, state, and regional levels to contribute to a more resilient and food secure future. This brief identifies key recommendations for launching this work. Read More

Growing a Climate Resilient New Hampshire Food System

A climate resilient food system is defined as one that, in the face of climate disruption, is reliable across the supply chain from production to distribution, ensures adequate food availability and access for all populations, and is centered on racial equity. This report discusses the actions needed to foster the development of a climate resilient food system in New Hampshire. READ MORE

How Do We Build a Climate Resilient Food System in New Hampshire? Six Ways that Sustainable Food Systems Build Climate Resilience Framework

Everyone, from farmers and clean energy advocates to school gardeners and local food distributors, plays a part in building a food system that is resilient in the face of our changing climate. How can we align our individual work and actions to collaboratively move towards a food system that will ensure a secure and equitable food supply for everyone in our uncertain future? The NH Food Alliance’s Climate Action Team created this framework in order to articulate how our work building a strong local food system can help communities adapt and thrive as the climate changes. We hope that you will use this framework to identify how your work is connected to building a climate resilient food system and learn how communicating about that connection can be as simple as raising up the food system values we all share. DOWNLOAD HERE


NEWS, events & resources FROM OUR NETWORK

Network News related to Climate Change

Apply by February 1!
The 10 NH Conservation Districts are excited to announce an opportunity to improve your farm's resilience through a climate adaptation or mitigation p... Learn More
January 18
Food and Climate: Carbon Market Pitfalls & Better Strategies for Regenerative Farming Practices. Panel speakers include Cat Buxton of Grow More, Waste... Learn More
December 7, 12-1:30PM
Grab your lunch and come learn from local leaders during this gathering led by the Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup (UVAW). This interactive session ... Learn More