Racial Equity Action Team

Racial Equity Action Team
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The objective of the Racial Equity Action Team is to support learning and information sharing about how to dismantle racism and oppression in the food system starting with our communities, our workplaces, and ourselves.

The Racial Equity Action Team does the following: 

  • Provides advice, oversight, and insight into representation of diverse voices in the NH Food Alliance network, events, and programming 
  • Each Spring, support Food Solutions New England's 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge
  • Host at least one racial equity focused session at the NH Food System Statewide Gathering
  • Each Fall or Winter, host one event that's intended for a broader audience
  • Supports the collection of metrics related to racial equity in the New Hampshire food system
  • Hosts a quarterly meeting to continue on our journeys of learning about issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in our work, our personal lives and our communities 

The Racial Equity Action Team meets virtually four times each year (i.e. quarterly). During meetings of the Racial Equity Action Team, we work towards the objectives listed above, as well as

  • Share updates with each other related to racial equity in our organizations and communities
  • Promote and amplify racial equity related work in the state that's relevant to the New Hampshire food system 


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