Increase Farmland Conservation & Access

Fresh Start Farm in Manchester, NH.

Conserving farmland is more important than ever. Farmers and farmland are under increasing pressure in New Hampshire; losing their farmland to permanent development, low farm incomes, and aging farmer populations. Farmers face barriers to business viability planning, market pressures (such as the decline in conventional dairy operations), and now new and uncertain challenges related to climate change. All of these factors contribute to loss of farmland as farmers go out of business. Conserving farmland ensures that our rural landscape is mitigating the effects of climate change and is available to farm for generations to come.






New Hampshire Farm Future Fund

The Farm Future Fund is a program that grew out of the work of the Land Resources Action Team. The program provides funding for land trusts and landowners to work together to conserve farmland, while investing in the future viability of the farm business. Learn MorE and get involved





Land for Food



community loan fund



Cheshire County Conservation District


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Securing & Stewarding New Hampshire’s Agricultural Land: A Ranked Matrix of Policy Approaches

This brief highlights a suite of policy approaches aimed at securing and stewarding the agricultural land base in New Hampshire. The NH Food Alliance Land Resources Action Team (LRAT) developed these approaches to guide their collective work. 
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