Incentives for CSA Community of Practice

Join FairShare CSA Coalition and the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) for a 6-month deep dive on Incentives for CSA. This Community of Practice will provide a facilitated discussion space for individuals and organizations actively administering CSA incentive programs. REGISTER HERE

Participants can expect to learn from one another's programs, engage in real-time problem solving of top issues, as well as aid in the development and dissemination of resources by FairShare and the Farm Direct team of the Nutrition Incentive Hub.

Guided by input from farmers and TA providers, this group will focus on some of the biggest challenges for administering incentive programs for CSA. The group will spend 2 meetings on each of the following challenge areas, with flexibility depending on the needs and interests of participants:

• Customer Recruitment and Education (May/June)
• Backend Logistics and Administration (July/August)
• Determining SNAP Payment Schedules for CSA (September/October)